The artistic gift is more widespread than we think, and it doesn’t need proof. Here’s to the convergence of all art forms!

Spanish musician Enrique Bunbury once expressed he felt more closely related to a chair-maker than he did to a classical composer.

The sentence had a profound impact on me because it made sense. It wasn’t something I had been able to explain after years of songwriting until I heard the…

The worst version of ourselves often stems from our insecurities, which is why our best version depends on how we deal with them.

I have believed for quite some time that most atrocious acts are often caused by the insecurities of the perpetrators.

More recently, I’ve realised a lot of actions that may not be atrocious but that are certainly wrong, unlikely and unworthy of the individuals behind them, are also the result…

Reflections on instinct and learned behaviour and why may need questions more than answers if we are to live together.

We have all seen cats wash themselves. They do it frequently, too. Even if they stick their heads into the empty yogurt tub and get their whiskers dirty, those whiskers won’t stay dirty for long. Cats are constant and thorough in their approach to hygiene. Nobody taught them to. In…

A couple of humble thoughts on time travel, time usage and time wasting I’ve been meaning to write for a while.

If you could travel back in time, what would you change? Would you change anything at all? Let’s say you only have one chance, since time travel is paradoxical and unstable by nature: how far back would you go?

We are simultaneously obsessed with time and not concerned about it…

And is it enough to push through the first three stages of growing an audience?

Even before I turned 18, I had a beard. However, it was a short beard. It was only a few years ago that I decided to let it grow. Well, it was an excruciating (an exaggeration perhaps, but I’m a pain-averse man, I won’t deny it) experience. …

When was the last time you took your mind or body to its limits?

Today’s article will be a bit different. Just two quick thoughts I’d like to share.

I am currently engaged in some intense learning that is forcing me to visit my limits of comprehension and attention.

Sometimes creativity meets logic and sometimes they meet for a very long time — about…

Marti Purull

I’m a musician, but I think every day. So I write every day. Thoughts. Reflections. Life.

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