I don’t normally rant, but since it isn’t an attack on anybody, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the season that has just pounced on us…

Photo by Aaron Burden

The symbiotic relationship between empathy and creativity is often left unexplored.

Photo by James Wainscoat

Creatives Everywhere

The Importance Of Characters

The lies that are comforting are the hardest to fight — they are also the ones we must tackle most urgently.

Photo by GRAY

Everyone Is Paranoid

Do we know how to structure our ideas? And if we do, do we actually have ideas to structure?

Photo by Rikki Chan

Bad Thinking

The benefits of practising our imagination are enormous whether we choose to create for others, enjoy what others create for us, or a little bit of both.

Photo by Josh Hild

Infinite Games

Certain things happened this week that made me wonder about a different world.

Photo by Nana Smirnova

The Universe Got Impatient

Braving a visit to the archive of decisions made and not made

Photo by Nana Smirnova

Sobering Image

The Opportunity

How we refer to ourselves and others is important: it defines our story, and our story defines us.

Photo by Niklas Veenhuis


Of Ravens And Crows

The ones that aren’t never got a chance to even exist

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

There is a lot we can do to help others and a lot others can do to help us, but help is far too important to be given or taken lightly.

Photo by J W

Not A Money Problem

Marti Purull

I’m a musician, but I think every day. So I write every day. Thoughts. Reflections. Life.

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