The Huge Opportunity Of Giving Opportunities

If we can, we should take every chance we get to trust others

Marti Purull


Image by Gerd Altmann

Opportunity Givers

At some point, most of us will be opportunity givers. The day will come when we have enough experience and trust in some field or situation to be the ones giving someone else a chance to prove themselves. This is an honour we should handle easily and naturally. We shouldn’t crave it, hoard it or use it to our advantage. The possibility of allowing someone else to achieve their potential is a gift we can only pass on.

Despairing Moments

When deciding to follow our dreams, the path will often be unusual. Probably, it will take us to places and positions we have never experienced before. It is difficult enough to deal with hardship in familiar surroundings; to do so in a strange land is the work of heroes. It is only natural to feel despair when something does not go our way, and we ignore whether the support even exists. There is little more isolating than struggling in a foreign land. Nobody likes a loser at home, never mind when we are far from it. In these despairing moments, we need someone to give us an opportunity.


I refer to opportunity in the most literal sense: a favourable occasion for us to do what we came here to do. We aren’t asking for someone to help us do it, support us or appreciate us. We crave a chance to show who we are. A hand to lift us back to our feet. An open door. An introduction. This will probably be hard to understand for those who have never been in such a predicament. Feeling worthless is the bottom of the bottom, but feeling worthy and unable to prove it isn’t much farther up.

In Others We Trust

I feel fortunate that I have been given opportunities at the right times. I know it took special people. Most wouldn’t have believed in me, not for any other reason other than it would have been easier not to. Later on, I’ve been on the other side of the fence, responsible for putting my faith in the right individuals. Of course, my record isn’t immaculate, but I don’t think I could expect it to be any better. I don’t think the reason is that I am an exceptional judge of character — I certainly don’t think I am. No, the…



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