Someone put a pig’s heart inside a dying man’s chest, and so far it works–reason to be cheerful?

David Bennett was going to die. His heart couldn’t do it anymore. That simple. He needed a new one. Without getting into the details as to why, he wasn’t eligible to receive a transplant. Not from a human donor, at least. Even if he had been eligible, though, he wouldn’t…

It turns out chimps can also be rather mean. Are we leaving better to someone else?

I just read about the Chimpanzee War in Gombe (human Tanzania) in the 1970s. It was originally reported on by primatologist extraordinaire Jane Goodall. Having studied chimps for many years, she was still shocked to observe the cruel behaviour some of them displayed.

In Gombe, a fraction had splintered from…

Marti Purull

I’m a musician, but I think every day. So I write every day. Thoughts. Reflections. Life.

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